Simplemail with KT Scripts update

Today I am going to look at a script which has just appeared on OS4 Depot that will make a big difference to one of the Amiga’s best known email clients Simplemail.

Certainly one of my main gripes with Simplemail has been that it does not fully support emails which are displayed in HTML and even when you received an email with containing HTML, it was not possible to view these in a browser like Odyssey. However thanks to a program contained within a program called KT_Scripts, you now have the ability to be able to view such HTML emails in the Odyssey browser.

KT Scripts which comes to us courtesy of its author Kevin Taddeucci, and is actually a collection of ARexx and AmigaDOS scripts which he has written to improve functionality within Simplemail and the web browsers Odyssey and Netsurf. I am only going to deal with the script for Simplemail in today’s post, but I will say it is worth installing the other scripts which appear as part of this package as they will enhance both Odyssey and Netsurf.

Simplemail, if you do not already have this installed on your AmigaOS 4 machine, can be found at OS4 Depot,

A more up to date beta version 0.44 can also be found at the Simplemail page. however I am choosing to stick with version 0.42 from OS4 Depot as I have found a few issues with the beta version which can lock up the machine at times or not display my IMAP folders correctly.

Whichever version you decide to use however, the installation process will be the same and is quite simple really, you just need to unpack the folder of your choosing.

Setting up your email account is quite easily done via the configuration tab.

I use Outlook email as my main account and to set this up for use within Simplemail you will need to enter the receive server details with the address and use port 993 and activate TLS security. You will also need to enter your email username and password as per your Outlook account and a good tip here is to make sure that the delete emails tab is left unchecked as this will ensure that when you download emails from the server they are not deleted. (handy if you access your emails on multiple devices)

Sending emails using an Outlook account will require you to enter and use port 587.  Change your security settings to STARTTLS, click the tab that says use SMTP AUTH and renter your email address username and password. You can always test your settings by running the test button towards the top right and once run, if there is nothing highlighted in red, your connection settings are correct and you should then press save.

Downloading emails from your email server can take a few minutes if you are doing this for the very first time, but here you can see that all my folders are accessible.

The next important bit is to move across the ARexx script from the KT Script file which you have also downloaded and transfer this across to the ARexx folder which can be found in your Simplemail folder.

Once this has been moved across it is simply just a case of opening up an email.

then right clicking and selecting run ARexx script from the top.  This will open up a file requester and you just need to select the view_html_odyssey.smrx script.

Once this is done, you can see that it opens up the email in a webpage in Odyssey.

I realise that this method might be a little awkward for the majority or users, however the script’s author has suggested that you can map one of the keys on your keyboard to automatically open up HTML emails within Odyssey and for this you will need to download Allkeys which can also be found at OS4 Depot.

I simply unpack this to my Utilities folder and open up Allkeys.

You simply need to select add a key and then press the key that you wish to configure in this instance I am going to use the menu key which sits on my keyboard next to the right CTRL key,  but whichever key you decide to use you need to ensure that when you select your key, you have the no upstrokes tab ticked as shown above.

Then you will need to fill the command with a rx command showing the location of Simplemail, for example as I have it stored also in my Utilities folder, I have to enter


This will then ensure that whenever I press the menu key within Simplemail, it will open the HTML in Odyssey.  Nice and easy!

For a while now, across many of the Amiga forums there have been many grumblings about Simplemail notably the fact it was never really updated and it seemed to be lacking all sorts of features, but I am glad someone has taken the task of resolving one of its biggest issues with just this script. A big thank to you to Kevin Taddeucci for solving this issue and making Simplemail useable again on AmigaOS 4.

Until next time have fun with y our Amigas.

2 thoughts on “Simplemail with KT Scripts update

  1. Thanks for the great review of my script!
    Just to note, you can also use Fkeys to assign a key as well. Saves the trouble of having to install all keys if you don’t already have it. Glad you enjoy the script.



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